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Is it okay to travel with my pet?

Absolutely! No doubt that many of us feel as if leaving our pet behind would be akin to leaving a family member home. Nowadays, traveling with your pet is not only enjoyable but also saves money and provides you with peace of mind. I remember having to leave my Yorkie at home and the anxiety I felt during my vacation made it just not worth it. No one will take care of your pet like you will so take him/her along!

There are so many pet friendly hotels and accommodations out there that there is really no excuse. Many hoteliers provide these services with for free, provided you leave your room in the condition you found it. I have experienced a wide range of costs associated with hotel stays. There were some hotels that required a deposit but that deposit was refundable provided, as I mentioned before, that the room was left in good condition. On the flip side, there have been a few hotels that required a non-refundable deposit but frankly the cost was well worth the peace of mind. My only complaint would have to be the one or two times where the hotel wanted to charge me nearly what the room cost so you need to shop around.

Pet Friendly Hotels will provide you with the hotels contact information as soon as it is booked so you have plenty of time to contact the hotel and inquire as to any costs and/or specific restrictions. If you have a large dog or an animal that you have concerns about, I strongly advise you to check with the hotel well in advance of departure.

Your pet is family and as such they will enjoy the travel experience as much as you do. As long as you prepare your trip in advance , traveling with your pets will not only be rewarding but will also help you to relax and know that your baby is in good hands!