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The Pet Friendly Hotel Experience

On the Way

Keeping your dog cool on a long vehicle trip is essential. Never leave your dog on your own in a hot car. Even if you are just gone a couple of minutes, and you leave the windows open a bit, vehicles can easily warm up to unsafe temperatures very quickly in summertime. This may result in a serious, life threatening situation. Bear in mind that leaving a dog un monitored in a vehicle is against the law in most states.

Always remember, your dog requires water as you are driving, whether or not the ac is on in a vehicle. In your own home, your dog most likely makes more trips to his / her water bowl throughout the day than you are aware of. Depending on the temperature, it may be advisable to give him a drink prior to leaving your car for a rest stop, instead of when you get back into the vehicle and he is hot and panting from the activity. Cool water plus an overheated dog can be a formula for vomiting.

Don't have your dog lay on your lap while traveling. A mishap, or even a sudden stop, may cause your dog to be thrown and hurt. It's illegal to have small children in a front seat with an airbag. Those very same hazards exist for dogs. Maintaining your dog comfortably but securely in a harness in the back seat, properly secured to the seat belt, is often a much safer way to travel. Dogs shouldn't ride in the bed of a truck for, the risk of being ejected from the vehicle in an accident. Also the the truck bed liner could be excessively hot for your dog's safety.

After You Arrive at the Hotel

Since a hotel is a unusual environment for your dog, it may cause him to become stressed, and also respond differently than he would at home. It is essential to reassure him, make him feel at ease there, as well as be courteous to the other guests lodging there. How your dog behaves will help determine whether the management of that property continues on a pet-friendly policy.

When you register, make sure to ask whether that property has any special facilities for dogs, and whether there are any activities close by you and your dog can engage in together. You may be surprised to find out, for example, that a restaurant across the street comes with an outdoor patio where dogs are allowed. Or maybe the hotel has a pet sitter available, if you want to go out someplace without your dog, but do not necessarily want to leave him alone.

At the front desk also ask about any bug or ant poisons that the property might use in the rooms, that could be harmful to your dog.

Think about asking for a ground floor room, to make it easier for you and your dog to enter and leave.

Most hotels forbid leaving a dog un monitored in a room. And in any case, the hotel's housekeeper will be unable to come in and clean your room if you leave your dog by itself. Ask when your room will be scheduled to be clean, and plan for you and your dog to be outside the room when the cleaning service arrives. The knock at the door might cause a barking reaction in your dog that bothers other guests.

Whenever you check into your room, lay out your dog's bowls (provide him fresh water without delay, as he could possibly have become dehydrated in the car ride), set out his playthings, his bed if you brought that along-anything in making this peculiar atmosphere appear to be home.

If he does have toys, play with him when you arrive to demonstrate that this odd place is a fun place, and you're not leaving him there byitself.himself. Noises your dog hears, for example guests opening and closing their doors, trigger your dog to get anxious, or bark too much, you might switch on the television or the radio to cover up the hotel noises until your dog gets acclimated. A few comforting words by you will help him, too.

Be sure to take your dog on more strolls than normal, providing him every chance to "do his business." The journey may take him out of his regular tempo, and you need to avert accidents in the room.

Know where the hotel exits are and if possible locate a side or back staircase to take your dog out instead of going through the lobby every time. Maintain a snug leash while you are on the property to ensure he doesn't jump on other visitors, who might not be "dog lovers." And of course, always pick up after your dog on the hotel property, including the parking lot.

If your dog snoozes on the bed with you, think about having a sheet from home to put over the hotel linens, so that the establishment does not need to have the blanket and bedspread cleaned after your leave.

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