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Not listed in our directory?

If you provide pet friendly accommodations and are not currently listed in our directory, see below for which category best fits your needs:

My property is already listed in Pegasus or another global distribution system.
If this is the case, drop us an email and we will search our database and add your listing manually at no cost .

My property is already in your directory but I want to be featured at the top of the city.

There is a one time cost of $75 to have your site featured at the top of the city list. Featured listings are in bold and will be listed at the top of the city section on a first come, first serve basis. Please email us for more information.

I am not in your directory and do not participate in a global distribution system (commission share).

If you are not included in the GDS but still wish to be listed in our directory, we can a provide a listing and link pointing directly to your website. The cost is a one time cost of $150. This cost includes a bold listing at the top of the city. Email us for more information.

How to contact us

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding Pet Friendly Hotels, please email us at customercare@pet-friendly-hotels.net. We read every customer email and will respond as soon as possible.